Still wayfinding?

Try leading the way.

By definition, wayfinding is meant to assist someone who is lost.  But a better system - one where patients and families are never lost - can be built in your facility to lead the way.  Reduce anxiety while enhancing the overall patient experience with a digital wayfinding app from Indicator.  


Provide your patients with an app that allows them to know exactly where they are at any moment, as they navigate through the complex corridors.  Additional key features such as restrooms, elevators, and stairs can also be called out with a digital wayfinding smartphone app.  


All of these features are layered with the latest bluetooth technology beacons, providing the best combination of affordability and durability.  Indicator provides outstanding service coverage without the large "site fees" or yearly license fees that many companies add.  


At Indicator, we believe there is a lot of opportunity to harness the power of that pocket computer known as a smartphone.   And we are trying to think differently about communication. Make it personal. Make it direct. Make it efficient. We look at informational transactions and see opportunities for improvement with the utilization of readily available technology and low-energy Bluetooth connections (iBeacons & equivalents).


We've worked on the initial applications of beacon technology - with digital wayfinding, indoor mapping and navigation, proximity advertising, and storefront marketing. But the potential is unlimited. We look forward to partnering with you to unlock it.

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